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Maxi-Jet for Important Circulation in Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums

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For aquarium hobbyists or budding reef keepers, a healthy tank starts with water movement. And that’s where the Maxi-Jet comes in.

A life form such as coral must have water circulation. The flow of water brings food to the coral as well as removes the coral’s waste. For aquarists wishing to reef build, water movement is necessary for coral reproduction.

In freshwater tanks, many species of fish like moving water, as flowing streams are their natural habitat. To replicate this in an enclosed tank environment, water must be pumped to mimic their natural environment and increase oxygenation.

With its 3-in-1 design, the Maxi-Jet offers a circulation pump, a power head and a utility pump. The motor is encased, so the Maxi-Jet can be fully submerged if needed.

For maximum value, the Maxi-Jet is essential for setting up and maintaining healthy freshwater or marine ecosystems.
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A Maxi-Jet water pump is an important addition to a freshwater or saltwater aquarium tank. Here’s why.

Water Movement and Circulation

In their own natural environment, fish and coral require water movement. Corals are semi-stationary as they mature. Therefore, corals require turbulence in the water to transport food to them as well as to remove their waste.
Many kinds of fish have flowing streams as a native habitat. Water movement provided by a pump simulates a current in which they can swim.

Other Benefits of a Water Pump

Consistent Water TemperatureWarm water tends to float to the surface while cold water remains near the bottom. The movement of water results in an even, steady temperature throughout the tank.
A Cleaner AquariumWater movement helps prevent the build-up of algae, which tend to proliferate in stagnant water. Additionally, if the pump is directed at the aquarium floor’s gravel, debris such as uneaten food is lifted and can be filtered out.
Aeration. When the power head is directed towards the surface, the movement of water increases the incorporation of oxygen in the aquarium, which tank inhabitants will appreciate.

3-in-1 Modes


Ideal for a wide range of applications, such as circulation pump, power head and utility pump (all parts included), a Maxi-Jet provides maximum versatility for budding fish tank hobbyists or more experienced aquarists.